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Business Policies

Set out below are the various elements of our business policy.

Bundaberg Appliance Service does not offer any ‘account’ facilities. In other words, we require that payment is made at the time the technician is at your home, or in the case of you having brought an appliance to our workshop, final payment must be made when you collect it.
Methods of payment
Payment can be made by cash, cheque, credit cards or by EFT. Discuss this with the staff member who takes care of your job.
Assessment fees for Workshop jobs

An assessment fee will be charged when a job is taken in to the workshop. This fee will vary according to what the appliance is. For example, a top-load washing machine will be $50.00; a front-load washing machine will be $70.00 and a fridge will be $60.00.

The purpose of the assessment fee is similar to a deposit. Since many appliances turn out to be irrepairable, we find we need to cover the initial inspection with the assessment fee.

Once an appliance has been assessed, a quote will be provided and the assessment fee will be taken off the final cost. For this reason, the assessment fee is not ‘dead money’ to the customer. It is merely an amount charged in advance, similar to a deposit.

Comparisons between the cost of an ‘in home’ Service Call and a job brought to our workshop will show that customers are definitely better off if they can arrange to bring their appliance to our workshop.

Service Call Fees

A Service Call must be charged to sustain the viability of any business which is engaged in preforming short ‘service’ type jobs in customer’s premises. Because of its unpopularity, business in the past have tried to avoid charging a Service Call fee and failed as a result.

In essence, a Service Call fee is an amount charged on every job (only once per job in our case) to cover ‘overheads’. This means it covers that proportion of expense which the business incurs by just being there. Things like, vehicle ownership and maintenance, insurances, stock held in the vehicle, support staff in the office and so on. A Service Call fee can therefore be separated from the labour fee which constitutes ‘time on the job’. For convenience however, many businesses (including ourselves) tend to combine the Service Call fee and a typical labour fee (say – 20 minutes of on-the-job time) to provide a total which a customer might reasonably be expected to pay for a standard length job. Our Service Call rate is $85.00 in the B’berg City/Bargara area. Outside this area, there may be travel charges applied.


Our business deals with Warranties at 3 levels. Firstly there is the manufacturers warranty which applies to the first year or two of the life of the appliance. Then there is the Extended Warranty which the customer might have purchased when he bought the appliance. This often will ‘extend’ the manufacturer’s warranty out to 5 years.

Then there is our own warranty which covers our workmanship and sometimes parts which we supply. In most cases the parts we use will be covered by the original parts manufacturere and could reasonably be expected to carry a warranty of 6 to 12 months. Our ‘workmanship’ warranty protects the customer in the unlikely event that our technicians might have done the wrong thing when repairing an appliance.

Warranty applies to parts we order for customers. The exact detail of such warranty varies from company to company. On the rare occasion that a part fails, we are forced to deal with these on a case by case basis.

Ordering parts

We are happy to order any parts you might require for your appliance. Before we can order what it is you might be needing, we will require you to provide us the Brand, Model, Serial and perhaps a Product Number (or similar) from the appliance. Without this information, it is very difficult to source what you need. 

This information should be quite visible on the Model Number Label on the appliance. Mostly this will be either on the front or on the side. In the case of a refrigerator, there is often a label inside near the bottom. Unfortunately we cannot document the location of this label for all types and brands of appliances. If you are having trouble finding in, call us on 41531700 and we might be able to give you a few tips.





Who do we employ?

We employ fully-qualified tradespeople to work on your appliance. This qualification is basically electrical, but where necessary, we have staff with the appropriate refrigeration qualification as well. As a business, we hold both Electrical and Refrigeration licences to cover all work on electrical appliances.