Do you provide a free quote?

We are more than happy to quote on work but are not able to do that free. The cost of sorting out what is wrong with an appliance and then quoting often exceeds the cost of actually doing the repair. Diagnosis and fault-finding are the main part of our job. The repair or replacing of parts is the easy part.

So, to put it bluntly, no honest business can do ‘free quotes’. Sadly there have been some unscrupulous repairers in this business and one way they can ensure a steady flow of work is to offer free quotes. But they ensure that the quoted price more than compensates them for the quoting cost as well contributing to those jobs which they don’t win!

Our policy is to charge a Service Call fee for the initial visit and after we have sorted what the fault is we quote on the completion of the repairs.

Do I pay a second Service Call fee if the technician has to come back again to fit parts?

The answer is  definite ‘no’. A Service Call fee is charged only once per job. (A ‘job’ begins with a ‘fault’ and is only completed when the particular issue is resolved.) Even if this involves more than two calls, the Service Call fee is only charged once.

For any subsequent visit which is needed (for example, a visit to fit parts) only the labour which is needed to complete the job will be charged. In cases of ‘out of town’ jobs, travel time will also be charged.

For a more thorough explanation, send us an email or give us a call.

What if I pay as requested, and find out later that the issue is not rectified?

If we have stated that certain work is completed, then we guarantee that work. If a customer considers that a problem still exists, all they have to do is contact us and we will return promplty to rectify the outstanding problem.

We do require payment at the time of the initial visit for the first amount. If the job is not completed at that time (for example in cases where we have to return with parts), payment for the balance of the job will be required after we have completed the job.

We realise that the customer will often not have had opportunity to test the appliance before paying us for the job. We will always honour the trust of our customers in this and assure them that should there be reason to return we will always do so happily.

Can I bring my appliance to the workshop and is that a cheaper alternative?

Bringing an appliance to the workshop is always a cheaper option then having a technician visit the home. We always have staff on hand to help unload any appliance which a customer brings to our workshop.

We do have a different ‘charging’ structure for workshop jobs to the one which applies to in-home jobs.

An added advantage of bringing an appliance to our workshop is that we can test it thoroughly after the repairs have been completed. The ‘testing’ time is not being charged. This is quite different to the ‘in-home’ situation where a technician cannot always do a full operational check on appliances which may take extended time to run through a full cycle. In such cases, we depend on feed-back from the customer as to whether the appliance is operating correctly.