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We are a locally owned white-goods repair business which has serviced the Bundaberg area since 1986. We employ fully qualified tradespeople and offer ‘in home’ service as well as ‘workshop’ service.

We service most major household electrical appliances including, washing machines, dishwashers, fridges, stoves, cooktops, ovens & range hoods.

To book a job, just call us on 41531700 during working hours (8am to 5pm – Monday to Friday) or email us on service@bunappser.com.au.


How can we help you ….?
Arrange an a 'non-warranty' repair

To arrange a repair you can call us on 4153 1700 during working hours (Mon to Fri 8am to 5pm). Or better still you can email us the details and we will book the job for you.

What you need to know when you book a job.


Arrange a 'In Warranty' Repair
We are preparing a page so that you can chose the brand of your appliance and then read the correct procedure to get ‘in warranty’ service. Won’t be long.
Order a part
Before you order a part, you need to have the model of your appliance and if possible also a serial number. Once you have this, you can email us or if you prefer, phone 41531700. Please be aware of our Parts ordering policy.
Getting the price of a part
First you must be able to give us the model and (preferably) the serial number of the appliance. We will in most cases have to get back to you with a price. The range of parts which we can be expected to source is enormous and in proportion we only keep a very small amount in stock.
Checking to see if your part has arrived
Normally we will contact you if the part you have ordered has arrived. Again, the preferable method of contact is by email.
Paying for a part
We ask that all parts which are to be ordered are paid for in advance. If the part which arrives is wrong in any at all, we will happily refund your payment. Obviously care must be taken in ordering parts as many of our supplier companies will not accept returns unless there is a very good reason.
Get Advice
We give the best advice when you email. However, if you have not choice, just call us and we will do our best to help you. Before you go however, have  look around on this site. You might find an answer to your question.

We Service the following brands, and so many more!

For a detailed list of brands we service click here.


Phone us:

(07) 4153 1700

8am to 5pm
Mon to Fri



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Visit us:

1 Tomlinson St
East Bundaberg

Just off Princess St near the east water tower